Thursday, June 11, 2009

Tattoos in fashion

Tattoos and fashion have made a major collision and its been around for a while now. Gucci debuted their tattoo heart Spring '09 collection of bags that benefiting UNICEF. And we cant forget the ever-so-strange yet well liked shirts that came with "tattooed" sleeves, so you could appear to have arms that were completely inked!

:sigh: I DO NOT miss those LoL

Now Coach has pretty much mimicked Gucci and came out with their own ink-inspired collection this year... which I think they could have done without.

But before any of the above... rewinding back to Fall of 2007, there was a shoe designer by the name of Olivia Morris, who brought us the tattoo idea first! The London based designer made a collection of shoes featuring embossed designs by tattoo artist Stacey Gards. So we must give credit when it's due, and Olivia get around of applause! She is actually thinking of bringing the oh-so-cool shoes back next year for her brands 10th year anniversary. That would be cool!

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