Monday, June 15, 2009

Oxfords: Love 'em or Hate 'em

Oxford shoes came about way back when in Scotland. And as we all know fashion is in constant recycle mode so of course they made their way back to us in 2009.

I want to know what you guys out there think about them?

Personally I like them...I like them a lot but it must be worn in like the coolest way possible! LoL I'm worried that I wouldn't be able to pull it off, but I want to try.

Either way, I found a small article in which advice was given on how to where the Oxford shoes so it doesn't look so... Steve Urkle-ish!

Do’s and don’t of wearing each style. Here are the four rules they set before you:

1. “Putting flat lace-ups with a wide-leg trouser or jean is a very dated way to wear them,” says Jane Herman, Fashion Writer. “Instead, try a cropped pant.”

2. “This should not be a Wall Street look,” states Filipa Fino, Senior Accessories Editor. “Let the men wear them with suits. Women should wear them with feminine pieces.”

3. “Don’t match the colors of your shoe to your outfit,” suggests Izzie Burch, Fashion Assistant. “These are playful—do the unexpected.”

4. “Avoid socks!” says Jill Demling, Entertainment Editor. “That’s my only rule!”


  1. I like them to!! but i know for sure people are going to wear them wrong so, that why the do's and don't was a really good idea.

  2. Hate em... U gonna need more than 4 fashion tips if u gonna try n pull that off

  3. Definitely not my usual twist, but I've found myslef giving them a second look lately. I think they really are a nice dress it up or dress it down flat shoe - and I'm all about multi purpose in my dressy clothes...and my windex.