Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Project Runway ... there's going to be Season 6!

Project Runway will be back ladies & gentlemen! Although it will be on a different network (Lifetime) and filmed in a different city (LA) I am relieved that it is coming back! Now I don't have to rely on that horrid knock off The Fashion Show.

When I first heard the news that Project Runway was going to be discontinued I was pretty sad because it was something I tuned into faithfully and even made a night out of with friends! Then The Fashion Show was announced to kind of replace Project Runway and I was looking forward to what it had to offer... I was highly disappointed! Not only does it seem pointless but it looks....well.... cheap! They have pointless challenges before the actual design challenge and they have been designing in groups the whole time before this week...but I digress.

Project Runways will be airing August 20th 2009 on Lifetime and funny that they haven't changed a thing on set! Same logo, stage and lighting LoL! But I really "want that old thing back!" Cant wait...

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