Friday, August 28, 2009

Rain rain go away...

It's an ugly day in NY...raining and gray skies (sad face) I'm on the train blogging this; on my way to my internship. I was having a very lousy morning but with a little self motivation, wise words from Jenn and the sweetest message from my boy Don this day is looking a whole lot better!! (happy face)
Life is what YOU make it people!

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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Nike Sportswear Blazer AC High LE

I saw these Nike Sportswear Blazer AC High LE on hypebeast:

Idk for some reason I am really feeling these! It may very well be the bold Velcro straps lining the front of the shoe, brings back memories of most shoes I had as child, (lol) Velcro was the way to go when you didn't learn how to tie your shoe laces yet. Or is it that eye grasping red, which is not my fav color, but boy is it looking mighty fine on these blazers!

Enough about me though, what do YOU think?

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

So today I had what I thought was an interview for an internship today with the designer of I love ryann, Raina. I was supposed to meet her at 3:00pm and I was running late due to a journey of 3 trains and running from station to station, but I digress. I finally reach her house round 3:15pm and she lets me in and I enter the work room and felt great! Great because there was an industrial sewing machine, serger, drafting table, pins, rulers and pattern paper everywhere! I miss that, that's the type of environment I need to be in, surrounded by design, fashion, hard work and creativity. Anyways I get there and I am thrown in to a project right away which I thought was awesome! I met with the production manager Michelle whom I will be working with, and we began working the things needed for the overseas production of the new collection. They want me to come back this week for more assistance... yay!

A little info about the company...

Ryann,is an eco-friendly, fashion forward collection. Based and Produce out of NYC. Established in 2005 by designer Raina Blyer, who has brought sustainable fashion to the masses.

Check out the collection here:

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Project Runway is back!

Yes! Project Runway is back (thank goodness) and it's on lifetime and was done in LA! Unfortunetly I was stuck on the R train while the show premiered on Thursday (sadface) however I caught then fashion show at the end choosing who I loved and who I hated and watched the re-run soon after.

So the models have their own show as well now? Hmmm do they really even deserve one? The competiton for them lies in the hands of the designers so why is there a whole show dedicated to them?? But I digress... Project Runway is back and I am happy! (smilie face)

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Monday, August 17, 2009

Today on my work break I ate some Chinese food, then went to sit in the park near by. On this beautiful but very hot day...there were alot of couples strolling through the park and that got me thinking. I want that! LoL, I want to have that person to be close to, hold hands, smooch and laugh with and just LOVE. I could almost call myself being envious of the women embraced in their man's arms googly eyes and all. But then I snapped back to reality and asked I REALLY want that?? Do I really want all the negative stuff that comes with relationships? Do I? Hmmm.... Naaahhh I'm chillin' enjoying life as is right now!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Givenchy Killers

*applaud* No words are needed... you can see them for yourself!

Courtesy of

Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Earlace...

Ok so Rhianna has been spotted rocking what is called the earlace which is an earring necklace melange. Personally Rhianna is all that when it come to style, however, I'm iffy about these earlaces! What do you think?

Well either way I'd like to commend the designer Dechel Mckillion who is an L.A based designer now on the come up due to her innovative jewelry piece.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Jeanology for Men

With the various trends in denim for men I think some clarification is needed. Therefore this jeanology lesson can hopefully help some in need of a little insight on how to choose their denim. I will be referencing Levi's styles throughout and these can be found on

Let's start with the very trendy skinny jean! This is a cool trend to me I like it vs. the baggy jean, HOWEVER, there are important do's and don'ts.

DON'T - have you're skinny jeans soooooooo tight that it looks like your "package" disappeared! I don't think any one's jeans should look painted on!

Do - choose a fit that is skinny, where it fits snug around the thigh and comes in around the ankle but not like second skin. 511™ Skinny Jean

Don't - wear your skinny jeans with a shirt that is not proportionate. I.E slim fitting jeans should be worn with a slim fitting shirt it makes for a happy outift =o)

Do - Pair your skinny jeans with a proportionate top!

Our next lesson is Slim fit jeans

Slim fit jeans are for the guys that want to stay away from the skinny but still have that narrow fit.

The lesson is pretty simple, get the right fitting jeans, you cant go wrong with slim however you don't want baggy slim jeans or slim jeans that make you look bad. So try a few pairs on until you get your desired look. They should fit at the waist, get slim in the thigh area and straighten out to the ankle. 514™ Slim Straight Jean 501® Original Jean

Moving on to the next Chapter: Not in Style

There are a few jeans out there that are, for the lack of better words, played out!
Let's stay trendy and keep it cool.

Baggy Jeans
I know they were once cool some time way back when...but we are all in 2009 so lets slim down the jeans. And I'm not asking you to go completely skinny but as stated above, the slim fit is the alternative that looks good on most everyone.

No No

which brings me to my next no no...the overly designed jeans! Is Coogie really making these?? I don't think so...

Last but certainly not least, PLEASE lets stay aways from this
A sag is always cool but all the way UNDER your butt?? That's just ridiculous!

I hope I have shed a bit of light on the denim world and please pass on what you have learned to a friend in need!

Monday, August 3, 2009

My Family Reunion 2009

Lezeau Family + Freinds reunion July 25th 2009 was in New York this year and boy was it fun! I got pictures to prove how huge of a family we really are!
And I wanted to share =0)