Wednesday, August 26, 2009

So today I had what I thought was an interview for an internship today with the designer of I love ryann, Raina. I was supposed to meet her at 3:00pm and I was running late due to a journey of 3 trains and running from station to station, but I digress. I finally reach her house round 3:15pm and she lets me in and I enter the work room and felt great! Great because there was an industrial sewing machine, serger, drafting table, pins, rulers and pattern paper everywhere! I miss that, that's the type of environment I need to be in, surrounded by design, fashion, hard work and creativity. Anyways I get there and I am thrown in to a project right away which I thought was awesome! I met with the production manager Michelle whom I will be working with, and we began working the things needed for the overseas production of the new collection. They want me to come back this week for more assistance... yay!

A little info about the company...

Ryann,is an eco-friendly, fashion forward collection. Based and Produce out of NYC. Established in 2005 by designer Raina Blyer, who has brought sustainable fashion to the masses.

Check out the collection here:


  1. Here we go! Go in! This is ur stepping stone...

  2. That's great 2 hear boo. I'm happy cause ur happy.Ur my water girl cause I know "U CAN DO IT".