Thursday, June 4, 2009

Hellz-Bellz "So Lolita" Collection

The oh-so-dope Hellz-Bellz has dropped their oh-so-HOT summer 2009 collection "So Lolita" (love that name!!) The collection is full of Hellz Bellz well known graphic tees and edgy styled pieces that can compliment the Hellz type of chick's summer wardrobe.

From the beginning of the brand in 2005 I would say it has come a long way. Starting out with just T-shirts they now offer denims, blouses, skirts , dresses and jackets. I especially admire how Lanie (the designer) has brought up Hellz-Bellz to a higher fashion level, yet, still giving that raw, edgy, don't' take no bullshit type of style throughout the collections. And never leaving out the tees because Lord knows I L-O-V-E those tees!

I can't wait to get my hands on the pieces... did you see the "Gun It" dress!

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  1. dope post....females that rock hellz bellz>>>>sexy