Friday, May 22, 2009

Trends: For the Fellas

Hey guys need to be on point too... so I write this for you!
What I have been noticing on the runways and on the streets are the plaid button-ups that look oh-so-cute and very stylish when done right.
Some designers who have done it right are Rogues Gallery, Polo: Ralph Lauren, and the Japanese label Lounge Lizard. The shirt can be worn alone with fitted denim, or under a cardigan which always looks very GQ, you can also try it with a blazer or with a denim jacket, bringing your inner Kanye West out!

This bring me to my next trend which is also denim... yes I know guys wear their denims damn near everyday but this season designers are showing you how to wear it other than on your butt! Denim jacket, denim vest, denim button-up shirt (hot) they even have some crazy cool denim fedoras that could literally top any outfit.

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  1. denim fedoras?? hmmmmm im scared of that lol