Thursday, May 21, 2009

Going Green or Going for the Green ?

As America plays catch up to other countries, I have noticed that we are finally into this global warming fix up. So going green has been a big deal in every industry and that of course means fashion too.

Fashion of course need to be trendy and on to the next big thing so ultimately going green was next in line. I am one to recycle and do what I can to help the earth because I think it is beautiful and that as humans we should take care of what was given to us. So when I first began to hear, a couple years ago, about clothing lines going green and making an effort to use organic, and Eco-friendly materials I was "naturally" excited. Now in 2009 as i flip through magazines, or shop in trendy stores, all I see is that everyone is now "Eco-friendly", "going green!"

Congratulations if you truly want to do something special to help the earth but who are you fooling when you are just doing what is trendy so you can bring in the money! I know business is business, but if you sell clothes that doesn't help Pandas, its okay people will still buy it!

Now on the other hand I do like a lot of the organic and Eco-friendly ideas that promote healthy living or does something productive such as Zoyas non-toxic nail polish which reduces many of the harmful chemicals, and the movie Earth (I loved) which planted a tree in your honor if you purchased a ticket!

In the end it's a positive movement that I can not say anything really bad on, however there are companies that go green and do it from the heart and others that get the green and do it for the money.

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