Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Ryann photoshoot

As you all know I intern @ Ryann along with Josefina for designer Raina. Today's job was shooting for her Spring 2010 lookbook.
Raina on the blackberry

It was an outdoor shoot and we met at 10am @ an art studio in Williamsburg(apparently where Basquiat once worked), started around noon for the best lighting.

The model, 19 year-old Elana from Italy, was great out there although the sun was beating down on us with no mercy!

Photographer Tono made the set very fun... I was even named his assistant for the day (lol) I learned about filling and lighting! Raina hired Keith as the stylist, who brought the most interesting pieces of jewelry and a hair/makeup artist whose name slips my mind at the moment... However she was wonderful and full of great conversation!

The day went well, we had funny moments like moving trash out they way for the perfect shot and covering Elana so she can change in the street, we saw a man riding a unicycle and Elana running through the studio naked looking for the next outfit!

Collection: Ryann Spring 2009 (
Location: Williamsburg
Model: Elena with Muse agency
Photographer: Tono (
Stylist: Keith

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  1. Womp womp!!!!!! Where r the pics from the photo shoot. The good pics