Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Fashion Week: Carolina Herrara Show

I woke up @ 7am yesterday which,by the way, is a time I'd rather not see; however this early rise was for fashions sake! Raina, the designer I intern for, got me and others on the list for the Carolina Herrara fashion show at the "tents" in Bryant Park.

"How amazing..." my thoughts as I approach the tents. "What the..." was my next thought when I saw protestors rallying in front because of Carolina Herrara's use of lambskin in her collection. Boy were they intense, one man was in a dress drenched in fake blood, heels, holding a fake lamb fetus and wearing a mask of a lambs head!

He and the rest of the gang were screaming "Carolina what the hell, how many fetus' do you have to sell!"

Moving along...we get in through the first line, then the next one is checking the list, as we wait I am just admiring the fact that I am in NYC Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Bryant Park Tent!!!! :sigh: and just as I am taking it all in... Rachel Zoe walks in, with assistant Brad in her shadows of course, stops at the check-in table says "I'm Rachel..." like duh and gives a little smile and keeps it moving. She looked great. =o)

And we're moving... We get in, I decide to not take a seat simply because I have to be at work in a half an hour! So I make my way to the back where others are standing, peering into the crowd to see who I can spot...Gasp! Noo... Yes... That's definetly her signature haircut! It's Anna Wintour I feel blessed to be in the same room as her.

Now to the show, finally right! The show was amazing! Very beautiful, feminine pieces I was loving the silouhettes, fabrics and details and Chanel Iman I heart her. Some of the color choices were a bit redundant in my opinion, but who am I!

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