Friday, May 3, 2013

DIY home decor project : mirror mirror

With blank walls in our living room, my roommate and I decided to deck one wall with a mirror collage.

We set out to find rectangular shaped and circular shaped mirrors, thrift stores, ikea and the like. She found 4 great rectangular shapes morris in different sizes, they originally had a wooden frame which we spray painted silver. Then it was up to me to find circular shaped mirrors and boy was that a challenge! Lucky me one day at a friends house she was spring cleaning and found 4 large square shaped mirrors she had laying around and wanted to get off her hands... :)

We came up with a cool idea to create a different graphic on each large mirror using a marker, ruler and duct tape. After we got the desired affect and covered the rest of the mirror with paper, we sandpaper the sections in which we will, this helps the paint stick.

Than to the outdoors to spray paint and let dry.

Check out the results!

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