Tuesday, June 29, 2010

NAAG... the fun in fashion!

NAAG is the name Fiona Byrne and Aggy (Aygness Deyn the model) came up with for their website.
They teamed up to create a place to talk about what they "like and see and do and feel..." on matters of fashion, beauty, places and culture.

I personally enjoy what they've done because to me they have brought the fun into the www of fashion! They bring real fashion and a real discussion to the table, not worrying about whose looking or what YOU might think. Nothing that you'll find in that magazine... or on some latest fashion website. It's the convo you and your friends have when you get together... but simply laid out on a cool site like BOOYAH!

Check it for yourself: NAAG
Bet you'll be bookmarking it soon :)

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