Monday, May 24, 2010

Nike 255 Studios NYC (I work here!)

On May 15th, Nike opened a first of its kind stand-alone conceptual retail destination. Located at 255 Elizabeth Street, 255 Studio is a culmination of sport and design brought together to offer an exclusive assortment of Nike Sportswear icons. Featuring a distinct apparel assortment and unique capabilities to personalize garments, each piece is crafted by a team of skilled Design Consultants. Offering specialized design tools and a variety of graphics, letters, and appliques, 255 Studio is a contemporary and classic platform for constructing ready-made and custom sportswear.

Nike Sportswear enlisted elite members of New York City’s creative community, No Mas, to bring a true celebration of sport and culture to the new 255 Studio
Consumers can select from a robust assortment of unique apparel and embellishment created exclusively within 255 Studio, or can customize the experience with a 255 Studio Design Consultant. These one-on-one appointments allow the consumer to choose from a menu of applications applied to Nike Sportswear icons. A consumer can also draw inspiration from the available graphics to embark on a bespoke experience resulting in a garment that is truly one of a kind and available immediately.

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