Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Haiti through my eyes : June 2009

Haiti is the country that shares an island with the Dominican Republic. It is know to be a less developed country due to the lack of many resources including money. In the United States Haiti is often depicted as a poor, poverty stricken country that has little to nothing to offer you know "70 cents a day" type commercials.

I am pleased to inform that Haiti is not that picture painted by others, it is actually very beautiful. Haiti, like any other country has it's rich folks and has it's poor folks. There are cities that are developed and offer the same lifestyle lived here in America. Such as: upscale restaurants, nightclubs, resorts on beaches, strip clubs LoL, museums, I even got to catch a ballet production while I was there!

But enough talking, I am providing pictures that have been taken with my iPhone because I forgot my camera :o/

In conclusion Haiti is a beautiful country with lots to offer, yet is still in desperate need of some reforms to improve the country.

School girls

Hair salon... they draw then paint their signs right on the building

We found a guy selling sugar canes...yessss

Enjoying the sugar cane

My dad's hood, Lascahobas

A river in the town my father grew up. Some take baths, wash their clothes here and some just come to enjoy the water like these boys.

My dad having fun in the river

I saw this girl sitting in front of a house...

This is what some of the roads look like... rocks-dirt-huge-crater-holes makes for a very bumpy ride.

Donkeys are not just at petting zoos

My dad says "Haiti is the land of entrepreneurs... you can have a business anywhere."
This guy's business is a phone and phone cards on the street, if you need to make a call, like this young lady, step right up!

A pool of natural water...


My dad talking to some kids in a near by town, giving them money for guessing his and my moms age LoL... he told them to stay in school and he will bring them something, one boy yells out that all they want is a ball to play with. (that was touching)

500 steps up the hill!!

I didn't want to do it but then I saw a man on two crutches coming down and changed my mind!

Me at step 200! This was almost the hardest thing I've ever done, 500 steps in that heat... a serious workout!

There was a little chapel at the top where people go to pray.

The view from the top was amazing.

A mud house on the beach...some people still make their houses that way over there.

We bought chickens to eat later.

This used to be a continued road until last years hurricane...

...houses destroyed.

A ballet production


  1. Thats nice, good job
    I need to go and visit Jamaica soon

  2. Sabby,your blog on your visit to Haiti was very reflective, respectful and thought provoking. Your parents did a great job fanning the flame! You make us proud. Marguerite B.